Sameer Kulavoor paints the “Simple Pleasures of Life” at the Imagine Studio workshop – THE TREES

Sameer Kulavoor paints the “Simple Pleasures of Life” at the Imagine Studio workshop

When you see the mural for the first time, you get particularly taken by the simplicity of it all. The paintings were those of people reading, writing, cycling, eating, animals gazing into the sky, plants sitting on a table, and so on. Treating the space like a gallery, the artist took one large wall and delineated it into multiple paintings, complete with frames around them. The frames were also painted. Some of the paintings were bent into corners and wall edges, which made it feel a bit surreal.

“In early 2017, I took a sabbatical and traveled extensively across South East Asia painting with gouache everyday. I was invited to work on a wall within the workshop building at the Imagine Studio. In wanting to keep with the same rhythm of painting from my sabbatical, I suggested the idea of expressing the beauty of simple everyday acts, in full colour. This seemed appropriate with the Studio's philosophy and resonated with the core concept of the development of The Trees project. My travelogue from the trip helped set the vibrant colour palette.” Sameer Kulavoor

Sameer Kulavoor is a visual artist living and working in Mumbai, founder/director of Bombay Duck Designs and co-founder of 100% Zine. His work lies at the intersection of contemporary illustration, graphic design and art.


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